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I've already given up on selling bitcoin on eBay

If you ever wonder why people don't offer PayPal for bitcoin services on sites like eBay, this is one of the reasons why.
So here's the story...
I had a listing for bitcoin on the site and this woman purchased it on the 7th. What I do in my listing is send a physical code to the buyers address to confirm they're the account owners which they can then redeem for the bitcoin. This whole process really doesn't take that long, a mere 3-6 days where comparable exchanges can take a week or longer.
But anyway, this woman immediately starts messaging me that she wants it immediately so offers to provide her ID to confirm she's the account owner. I accept this and get potato quality photos which doesn't confirm anything so I ask her to retake them. Eventually after complaining a bunch she sends it and I release the coins on the 8th. So within 48 hours she got the coins that she should have had to wait a week or longer for.
I'm a new seller, so obviously feedback is a big deal to me. Guess what, she goes and leaves negative feedback. With only two other feedback on my account, I'm now down 33% all because of this woman who I went above and beyond for. I called eBay support, and they just gave me the typical run around and refused to revise it. I've since given up on selling bitcoin on eBay. Thanks for listening to me vent.
Tl;Dr - Woman gets bitcoin in 48 hours instead of a week and leaves negative feedback. I called eBay and they didn't do shit.
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Selling Bitcoin on Ebay - "Hypothetically scamming the scammer" - How would this play out?

Hi Everyone - I, along with allot of people thought it would be a great Idea to resell bitcoin from one of my sources on Ebay. Great to do when you don't do any research right!?
Well like allot of you, 75% of my buyers claimed there account had been hacked, started a case with Paypal etc etc etc. Luckily i'm not Down too much!
However, I wanted to ask you experienced sellers/ Paypallers etc how this would pan out: "Hypothetically of course"
When this occurs, Paypal asks you to either refund the full amount or prove that you sent the item. As my Bitcoins i am listing is in the BitMiners Category it is listed as a physical product. What If "Hypothetically" you sent a Blank evenlope to the Scammer with Tracking. Then upload the tracking info to Paypal.
Would PayPal be able to take the Sellers side and let you keep the money?
How would this pan out?
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I know it was stupid but I just lost 20 bitcoins by selling bitcoins on ebay. DO NOT SELL YOUR BITCOINS ON EBAY!

You know, just in case you're as dumb as me.
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I used to sell Bitcoin on eBay.

So it was 2013 or so, and neither eBay nor PayPal had figured this shit out yet. I found that folks would pay around a 20% premium to buy coins on eBay, as opposed to learning the right way. So I dove in.
I'd buy a Bitcoin, and then sell it by the tenths. I was so pleased with myself. Now, you see it coming...if I'd have HODL'ed all of those bitches...I'd fucking own eBay right now.
Sad face...happy face. Still #WINNING
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Selling Bitcoin on Ebay - "Hypothetically scamming the scammer" - How would this play out? /r/Bitcoin

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Don't sell Bitcoins on eBay

I got the bright idea of selling Bitcoins on eBay. Everything was going great, I was selling for about $170/BTC, did it for a day and then the emails came in.
"I didn't order anything from you"
"Who are you? Why have you charged my PayPal account?"
Turns out most of the sales where from people who had their passwords stolen. Now I have about 10 disputed claims totaling about $1000 that are frozen by PayPal while they try and sort this mess out. I fear it will not end well for me because they keep asking for tracking numbers and shipping documentation. All I can give are screenshots of the coinbase transaction. Hopefully it all works out, but I have learned my lesson. If its too good to be true, it probably is.
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How not to sell bitcoin on eBay

I imitated the requirements of other eBay sellers which ask for matching names, positive feedback, and recent activity. My experience was 4 normal transactions, 4 fraudulent transactions (CC chargebacks), and 5 attempted transactions by buyers not meeting the requirements.
So where does this leave me? Since I charged less than 100% overhead, I lost money on the 50% fraud rate. The chargebacks make my PayPal account look worse. The auctions I had to cancel because of buyers who didn't meet requirements probably made my eBay account look worse. So the overall score was lost money and both eBay and PayPal probably view my accounts with suspicion. What experiences do others have?
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I've already given up on selling bitcoin on eBay /r/Bitcoin

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Guide to selling bitcoin on ebay without getting scammed?

Has anyone got tips and advice for selling bitcoin on ebay to help avoid being scammed.
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Taking into full consideration the risks of selling bitcoins on ebay, is there a way to do it reliably enough to minimize these risks and make decent profit?

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Selling Bitcoin on Ebay with International Bank Account linked paypal to avoid charge back fraud?

I'm smart enough to do research before selling bitcoin on ebay and obviously not going to use my regular ebay/paypal account to do so so I don't get scammed. I was wondering though if I could use an International Bank account like this one https://www.bitmit.net/en/item/70173-anonymous-reloadable-prepaid-usd-visa-atm-cards-with-iban to verify a new Paypal account. My plan was to legitimately sell bitcoin to people and then just use the card to withdraw money from an atm before the seller, if fraudulent, issues a charge back. Anyone try this and does it work or have any suggestions? Thanks
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Selling BitCoin on eBay?

I have a question that maybe the eBay employees can answer best.
I have sold a couple Bitcoins on eBay and not had a problem yet, but I worry about a scammer buying the coins and then claiming they never recieved them at the "wallet address" they specified. If I can show the records for that address from a tracking site like Blockchain.info is this enough for eBay to consider the "coins" delivered and decided in my favor in the event of a dispute?
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Selling Bitcoins on eBay

Hi everyone,
I've seen plenty on auctions selling bitcoins on eBay, the price it's way above Gox & Co. Is it a some kind of new phishing game or it's really possible to make money this way?
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I used to sell Bitcoin on eBay. /r/Bitcoin

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How To Sell Bitcoin on eBay for 300% Profit, Then Lose It All

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An expensive lesson against selling bitcoin on eBay

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Can I sell bitcoins on eBay?

I read that eBay now accepts bitcoins and that they can be listed in the classifieds section. Does this mean oI can now sell bitcoins on eBay? I am kind of confused about the whole concept.
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What's the safest way to sell Bitcoins on eBay?

I'm not very serious about Bitcoins. It took me almost three months to mine a single Bitcoin. Now that I've made it, I want to sell it while the market is good. From what I can tell, the safest way to do this is to generate a MtGox code, print it out, and mail it to a physical, confirmed Paypal address. Does that sound right?
Edit: Has anyone had any experience with bcchanger.com?
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How to sell bitcoin on ebay safely?

I realized that on ebay people buy bitcoins for a premium compared to buying it from an exchange. Example: Coinbase: $350 Ebay: $600-$1000. Why is this? Probably because people trust paypal and ebay more than coinbase. Also, because they get their bitcoin faster.
I attempted to sell bitcoins on ebay and I learned that for every 1 honest buyer there are 4 scammers right on trail too.
Here are some tips that I have applied to my selling of bitcoins to weed out the scammers:
-I recommend selling .1 at a time.
-Put the listing up for auction.
-Ebay email and Paypal email must match.
-Feedback percentage must be 100%.
-They must have 15 or more positive feedback ratings.(Read the feedback because sometimes people put negative feedback and submit it as positive.)
-Their address must be confirmed on ebay.
-They must be verified on paypal.
-Print out a receipt of paypal transaction and of blockchain transaction and mail it to the buyer's address. (The reason to do this is because first if they request a chargeback after I have sent them their bitcoin, Paypal will side in my favor because there is a tracking number. Second, if you haven't made more than 25 sales it will sit for 20+ days on paypal because you can transfer it to your bank. By mailing a receipt, you can access your funds between 3-7 days.
-Email them a verification code and tell them to message it through ebay.(Eliminates robots)
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How not to sell bitcoin on eBay /r/btc

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Tried to sell Bitcoins on Ebay-got banned within hours

This is what i got from them: After reviewing your eBay account, recent activity has raised serious security concerns. As a result, we've taken the following action on your account: - Your eBay account has been suspended indefinitely. - Item listings have been removed. A list of removed items is available further down in this email.
You won't be able to use eBay in any way. This includes using another existing account or registering a new account. Any outstanding selling fees are due immediately, and any amounts that you haven't previously disputed will be charged to the billing method currently on file.
We've taken this precaution to protect our members while we make sure that the activity doesn't cause harm -- however unintentionally -- to the eBay community.
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Papal Ebay Chargeback Protection on Selling Bitcoin

I recently got a chargeback from Paypal from someone I sold Bitcoins to, I was really upset about this, but being a newbie to selling Bitcoin on Ebay I wrote if off as a rookie mistake and decided to do more research on how to protect myself against it happening again. That's when I ran into the website below and I had an idea. Why not provide charge back insurance to others selling Bitcoin and using Paypal as the primary source of funds. Anyways I wanted to post this though up for discussion on the site because I believe I can get the best feedback, advice, comments, or thoughts on this subject. Thank you for your response in advanced.
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Bitcoin isn't an accepted payment method on eBay... or PayPal, the third-party vendor who acts as eBay's online money transfer company. You need to find online vendors who do accept them... unfortunately, they're few & far between here in the US. The largest risk when selling Bitcoin “on” eBay, is that the transaction must take place off eBay. As previously mentioned, you must use a Classified ad. Classified Ads make it dangerous to sell Bitcoin on eBay. Classified ads essentially match buyers and sellers, but they provide no protection to either party. A screenshot highlighting the downsides of eBay’s classified ads, from eBay ... Get the best deals on Bitcoin Virtual Currency when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items Browse your favorite brands affordable prices. Selling Bitcoin with a Credit Card. Some exchanges allow you to withdraw funds straight to your credit card. This method is usually faster than a wire transfer but it’s also a bit more expensive. CEX.io. London based Cex.io allows you to withdraw your funds to your MasterCard or Visa. The amount you can withdraw depends on your verification, with no limits on enhanced verification accounts ... Buy & sell electronics, cars, clothes, collectibles & more on eBay, the world's online marketplace. Top brands, low prices & free shipping on many items.

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